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Apr 26, 2017

U.S. Sees Growth and Return of Manufacturing Partly Thanks to Cutting Tool Technology


The decline of manufacturing in the United States has long been a reason for outcry and for good reason. What was once the crux of the American economy, manufacturing has long seen its days of dominance in America, thanks to lower labor costs and fewer regulations in foreign countries. But, for a multitude of reasons, in the past few years domestic manufacturing has found new life, with manufacturing bringing the most jobs back to America as recent as April 2016. While different manufacturers have reported different reasons for this return, the cutting tool industry has shared in this reshoring and growth thanks to advances in cutting tool technology.

Colson Cuts Back to the U.S. 

Colson Group, USA, manufactures mobility products, including casters and wheels. Among other reasons cited by Colson’s COO, Chris Cummins, the utilization of a laser cutting system allowed the company to move production from one of its Asian plants to the U.S. Colson stated that the automation and precision machining used to produce wheel cores and fasteners has nullified the labor-cost issue. With plans to reshore more plants, Colson’s incorporation of cutting tool technology has allowed them to stay competitive while returning stateside.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

The evolution of micro machines as it relates to the cutting tool industry offers exciting prospects for the future of manufacturing. The ability to specialize in precision techniques is a valuable asset for cutting tool technology. With the prospect of a high-level automation, there is a strong case for the resurrection of domestic manufacturing. According to CNBC, we have over 140 years of data that proves the marriage of technology and manufacturing produces more jobs than it eliminates. This is an exciting perspective for the future cutting tool technology as it relates to the domestication of manufacturing.

The Latest in Growth

Reports from March provided information that the manufacturing enjoyed its seventh consecutive month of growth. This includes growth in two areas:  production and employment. With the infiltration of high-end cutting tool technology and other advancements, the increase in production seems to have a direct correlation to innovation, and innovation appears to then affect the domestication of modern manufacturing. It stands to reason that an increase in production would translate into a rise of employment. Following the clues implies that it also means an increased demand for talent in the areas that support such growth, like cutting tool technology.

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