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Three Factors Changing the Future of Cutting Tools


The cutting tools industry has always been one in need of precise talent, but with emerging changes on production and operational levels, the need for organizations within the industry to redefine their talent needs has never been more urgent. Technology, globalization and economics are by no means new influencers in and of themselves; however, these three factors are at such a point that their convergence promises to threaten the talent pool like never before. We address each factor on an individual basis to not only gain a better understanding of the obstacles and opportunities of each but to also establish how best to approach them from a talent perspective.



In terms of technology, the cutting tools industry has always been one to push the envelope, leading the way in both the implementation and production of exciting new technologies. The advancements of additives and alloys are worthy of a closer study, but it is the exponential rise of digital manufacturing that truly disrupts the talent pipeline. From sensor technology to modern programming techniques, the marriage of cutting tool expertise and specific computer literacy presents a new challenge for organizations seeking professionals who can not only understand the current demands of the industry but can also adapt to the transforming landscape of more digital processes.



Globalization is an intuitive followup to technology, as it is largely advancements in technology that drive globalization. There are also other factors that contribute to the influence globalization has on the cutting tools industry.  As global wealth and population rises, so does the demand for manufacturing. This leads to an increased demand within the cutting tool industry, which in turn increases the demand for skilled professionals at all levels. To summarize, globalization equals growth. More relevantly, globalization has very real impact on the metalworking industry. On the most basic level, as globalization becomes more prevalent, we see the fundamentals of supply and demand at play. This resonates through all levels of the industry, and at the core is the need for talented individuals that can provide immediate and substantial contributions.



Experts largely agree that the economy at large is moving in the right direction, and in accordance, the cutting tools industry is also headed toward continued growth and prosperity. With the acceleration of industries such as aerospace and energy, the demand from the cutting tools industry will only multiply. It is not only the optimistic outlook on domestic front that bodes well for the industry. Global macroeconomic outlooks are also encouraging. An emerging middle class in developed countries combined with slow but steady economic growth in developing countries imply a positive outlook for the cutting tools industry.


At Davalyn Corporation, we are constantly evolving to the demands for talent within the cutting tools industry. Our extensive and successful experience of locating and placing highly qualified candidates is compounded with our continual efforts to stay educated on the economic and technological climate of not only the cutting tools industry but also of the ancillary industries that have a direct impact on the world of cutting tools. We have a vast reach that allows us to extend beyond a singular industry to locate unique talent that meets the unique needs of a changing cutting tools market. If your organization is seeking to take advantage of the economic forecast and is need of specific and highly qualified talent, Davalyn Corporation is the quickest way to gain access to the most dynamic and relevant professionals within the industry.

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