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Mar 1, 2022

The Hiring Market: Looking Ahead for 2022

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For more than 32 years, Davalyn Corporation has been there for our clients and candidates alike, helping to manage their companies and careers during prosperous and challenging times. Whether it be inflation, supply chain shortages and disruptions, or the persistent Covid-born work environments of 2022, we remain committed to the highest levels of collaborative service and partnership. 

For our valued clients: 

We have all experienced how the hiring market—and the hiring process, in conjunction—has changed since the pandemic. Decisions must be made more quickly. Essential and specialized talent is in increasingly short supply. Companies and organizations are doing everything they can to hold on to those talented professionals who give them the competitive edge—talented professionals who are receiving any number of offers according to their value.

Davalyn is here and working to ensure your hiring process is efficient, time-sensitive and proactive in this truly candidate-driven market. We will continue to market your business to candidates, securing your industry’s top performers by showing them how their career advancement and your growth are intrinsically linked. 

To our outstanding candidates:

Davalyn wants you to look beyond an income increase and find the next step towards fulfilling your professional potential. We want you to be aware of and look for new opportunities from new employers and trustworthy recruiters and to avoid time-consuming, low-interest opportunities that will yield no career momentum.

Our recruiters want to help you manage your career. We don’t want your career to manage you. We can do this together by keeping the lines of communication open and offering you real niche perspectives from within the industries we specialize. Davalyn wants to make sure you always fully understand a new opportunity—down to the last detail—so that, before you agree to any personal or professional change, you have obtained a complete understanding of the situation. 

At Davalyn Corporation, we don’t make decisions in the short term. Our eyes are firmly on your future.

As you consider your future and next steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the other talented members of my team for any assistance we can give.

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