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The Demand for Specialty Metals in Aerospace Rises Through the Stratosphere and to the Stars


Over the past few years, the specialty metals industry has remained a global frontrunner, consistently showcasing some of the most exciting and advanced products and process technologies across various sectors. Despite numerous challenges, the demand for specialty steel products continues to grow annually, with a recent uptick of 2.2 percent.

This growth is primarily driven by product enhancements, technological breakthroughs, and an upward shift in the global standard of living. The creative uses of specialty metals in aerospace continues to lead the charge in scientific discovery and innovation, thus its marriage with specialty metals is undeniably steering the future.


The international scope of the specialty and aerospace metals industry implies that significant geopolitical shifts and initiatives can lead to substantial impacts. The United States Space Force, established as a sixth branch of the Armed Forces in 2019, has indeed had reverberating effects across associated industries. The role of Space Force in advancing space technology and security has positively impacted domestic companies engaged in the specialty metals and aerospace industries.

Government driven initiatives along with the massive expansion of private companies actively seeking their place in space has led to an era of aerospace advancement that has been unheard of since those decades proceeding WW2. The privatization of the space race will surely drive advancements on the ground and closer to the stars creating an even greater need for the processed and machined metals that make these technologies possible.


As previously highlighted, despite myriad obstacles, several companies specializing in the use of specialty metal in aerospace have demonstrated remarkable growth in recent years.

According to Reuters, Boeing supplier Senior anticipates a promising second half of the year as it was revealed on Monday that its adjusted earnings for the initial six months doubled. This growth was driven by an improved supply chain in its aircraft parts segment and robust demand in the automobile and power sector. Senior’s client list boasts of industry leaders like The Boeing Company and Airbus. The company is benefiting as these aircraft manufacturers increase production to cater to the surging demand for air travel. The first half adjusted earnings for Senior surged to £17.6 million ($22.62 million) on a reported basis. The firm expressed in a statement that the planned increase in aircraft manufacturing should result in higher sales in H2, with supply chain issues continuing but expected to diminish as the year progresses.

According to a report by Fortune, the global space economy expanded by 8% to reach $546 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow another 41 percent over the next half-decade, per a renowned space nonprofit. This resilience is expected to persist despite global economic uncertainties and a recent deceleration in space investment. The growth is largely attributed to rising revenues from commercial space assets and increased global government expenditure, as stated in a report by the Space Foundation, a space flight advocacy organization in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lesley Conn, the foundation’s Director of Research and Digital Programming, highlighted the commercial space sector as the main growth driver within the overall space economy, foreseeing a substantial acceleration and expansion in the sector within the next five years.

These examples of traditional aeronautics and the rapidly growing private space sector clearly indicate that even facing supply chain shortages and economic relics of the pandemic, the aerospace industry continues to grow to meet current and future demands and the need for specialty metal production can only increase with them.


Innovations directly or indirectly driven by the aerospace industry continue to make a significant global impact. The fusion of the aerospace industry with the versatility of specialty metals points towards unprecedented growth across several major sectors, such as manufacturing and construction. Moreover, the impact on economies and populations is likely to surpass most forecasts.

Given the explosive potential of specialty metals in aerospace, it is no surprise that the race for dominance extends beyond national boundaries and becomes a global contest. The demand for top-tier talent matches the size and scope of the industry’s competition. Companies aiming to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape will need innovative leaders and professionals capable of capitalizing on the vast opportunities brought forth by aerospace and specialty metals innovations.

Combine this demand with the critical factor of time, and the value of a knowledgeable and committed recruitment partner like Davalyn Corporation becomes paramount. With over 40 years of experience and an extensive network of industry contacts, Davalyn Corporation continues to source talent that goes far beyond traditional means. Get in touch with us today to elevate your team’s expertise and skill set.

he specialty metals industry, while highly competitive, has long been recognized as a global trailblazer, often indicating the development and implementation of the most exciting and dynamic products and process technologies across numerous industries. In spite of countless obstacles, the specialty steel products demand sees an annual growth in demand of more than five percent. This growth is largely attributed to product improvements and an increase in the global standard-of-living. The innovative quality of specialty metals, while enjoyed across a wide berth of sectors, often finds its inception in the Aerospace Industry. Long a leader in scientific discovery and innovation, the Aerospace Industry’s incorporation of specialty metals is likely to set the course for the future.


With the global nature of the specialty and aerospace metals industry, significant geopolitical announcements and initiatives can have considerable ramifications. With the recent announcement regarding the expansion of the United States Armed Forces to create a sixth branch, what is currently being referred to as Space Force, there is little doubt that there will be a resounding effect throughout the industries associated. Additionally, this announcement is likely to prove especially positive for domestic companies associated with the specialty metals and aerospace metals industry.


As mentioned previously, despite numerous impediments, several domestic companies within the specialty metals have experienced continual growth over the years. From expansions including $30-60 million projects, companies like AK Steel and Perryman Company have made moves to position themselves for the growth of the specialty metals and aerospace metals industry. Further proving the anticipation of growth, Carpenter Technology Corporation acquired Latrobe Specialty Steel, a company that posited strong numbers specifically within the aerospace metals sector. This $558 million deal is expected to benefit Latrobe’s continued innovation within the industry.


The innovations directly or indirectly inspired by the aerospace industry have proven to have a profound impact across the globe and for decades. The combination of the aerospace industry with the essential utility of specialty metals is sure to set the course for unprecedented growth across several major industries, such as manufacturing, construction and more. Additionally, the impact on economies and populations is likely to far exceed most projections.

Considering the explosive potential of specialty metals and the aerospace metals industry, it is to be expected that the competition for dominance extends beyond the domestic plane and occurs at a global level. Simply put, the need and demand for exceptional talent is equivalent to the scope and size of competition across the industry. Companies that want to survive and flourish will need the most innovative leaders and professionals to capitalize on the enormous opportunities presented by aerospace and specialty metals innovations. Combine this demand with the critical time factor and the value of an experienced and dedicated recruitment partner becomes especially evident. Davalyn Corporation has been leveraging experience and expertise for nearly 30 years, providing organizations with a level of talent that goes far beyond what could be sourced through traditional means. This experience has only been further augmented by almost three decades of exceptional industry contacts who trust Davalyn. Contact us today to elevate your talent.

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