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Jan 15, 2021

Specialized cybersecurity recruitment: Real industry awareness

Cyber Security Concept

Specialized cybersecurity recruitment—let’s talk about it. Why is it necessary? Why should a company, any company, utilize the resources of a talent access professional, and, more specifically, one who specializes in the cybersecurity industry?

Awareness equals a better defense.

In regards to physical security, situational awareness is everything—being able to secure those assets that are your responsibility, to ensure integrity of an operation. Cybersecurity is similar, but at light speed. As a result of the evolving nature of digital incursions and the increasing number of access points from which data breaches can result, having a resource in specialized cybersecurity recruitment professionals with a deeper understanding of the developing cybersecurity industry is essential.

A dedicated cybersecurity recruiter understands the current and future needs of the digital space and can present innovative, imaginative and potent talent to hiring managers and other influential decision makers, allowing the best use of a company’s resources. 

Certified does not always equal qualified

There is a long list of certifications any cybersecurity professional should have if they want to be viable in this competitive market—Security+, GPEN, CISSP andGSEC, just to name a few. 

The digital space is always advancing, and the security measures needed to adequately protect its digital assets are constantly progressing as well. A specialized cybersecurity recruitment professional will stay abreast of changes to qualifications seen as standard in the industry, making sure that any candidate presented to an employer has already been properly screened and is prepared for the possibile responsibilities ahead of them.

Specialized cybersecurity recruitment equals diversity

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. Every major company has developed its cybersecurity defenses and capabilities. The most effective way to build these teams is to bring in professionals from a vast array of backgrounds, fully utilizing every possible perspective to combat digital threats. 

Specialized cybersecurity recruitment pulls qualified talent and leadership from every possible source, building teams that can adapt and outperform the ever-increasing list of bad actors active online today. By taking advantage of a cybersecurity recruiter’s service offerings, the talent provided is not only culturally diverse, but also pulled from different schools of thought and educational backgrounds, ensuring the development of a more resilient digital defense. 

A tighter talent market equals greater losses

On average, cybersecurity accounts for 13 percent of all IT sector job openings and takes an average of 50 days to fill. The need for cybersecurity professionals has simply outstripped the available talent pool. 

With cybercrime posed to cost an estimated $6 trillion USD globally in 2021, combined with the aforementioned talent shortage, specialized cybersecurity recruitment is a resource companies and other organizations cannot afford to underutilize. 

Davalyn Corporation has dedicated talent access professionals and a network capable and experienced in servicing the quickly expanding cybersecurity space. Reach out today and strengthen your possible response to all cybersecurity threats.

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