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Recruiting for venture capital opportunities

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Davalyn’s expert recruiters are ready to help you explore opportunities in the field of venture capital opportunities. But before you embark on that journey, we have a few important points to keep in mind. 

What is venture capital?

A venture capital, or VC, fund works with individual companies to help grow the business. Agreements vary, but generally speaking, a VC fund invests capital in a company in exchange for future partial ownership. 

Who should apply?

Workers in the field aren’t necessarily all sporting an MBA from Harvard and 15 years of banking experience. VC funds have different specialties and different services. That means they need leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds.

It’s true that a VC fund is typically looking for someone with a background in finance, to help discern which investments are likely to be most viable. However, if a candidate’s background is in the field the VC specializes in, that’s extremely helpful. Experience in fields such as journalism or academia could also be helpful, as research skills and strong relationships are vital to success in VC.

Investment or platform? 

Many people associate VC with tech startups seeking seed money, but that isn’t the entire story. Businesses may seek investment as an early-stage or late-stage proposition. Some VC funds also offer platform or support services to help ease some growing pains associated with building up a new or existing organization. Identifying which of these areas is most appealing—and commensurate with education and background—is an important first step.

Davalyn’s close relationships with leading venture capital funds is a pathway to career success. Our experts know the industry and understand first-hand what employers are looking for. Interested in learning more about venture capital opportunities? Contact us today.

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