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Jul 19, 2019

Project MFG challenges, encourages students

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There’s no doubt that the manufacturing sector has suffered from a lack of trained workers coming up through the ranks—for several years. U.S. manufacturing is a changing landscape with evolving needs, and in the next few years, manufacturing companies will need more people with highly specialized skills. To address this, and to generate interest, nationwide competition Project MFG challenges participants to hone foundational skills.

What is Project MFG?

Project MFG is a national, tournament-style competition for student teams. It’s a series of event-based skills competitions. Supported by the Department of Defense through its Industrial Policy and the Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment Program, Project MFG challenges students to ignite change in the potential manufacturing workforce.

Today’s global markets require a skilled engineering and shop-floor workforce. Critical skills such as welding and machining need to be more heavily emphasized. Also, collaboration is necessary in today’s manufacturing careers. That places significant pressure on supply chains competing for scarce workforce resources.

Project MFG aims to elevate the prestige of careers in manufacturing—and at Davalyn, we wholeheartedly support this initiative. 

Challenging Series

The Challenge itself is a series of event-based skill competitions. The first Challenge was held in Alabama in April 2019. Four teams from around the state competed in 5-axis machining and welding, and an Alabama State Champion was selected.

More Challenges will be held around the nation, culminating in a national competition at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, or IMTS, in Chicago in September 2020.

As past participants in this major industry show, we at Davalyn are keeping up with the progress. We are committed to education, and assisting young people’s entry into the field. This competition helps hone skills for a competitive workforce, and builds problem-solving, teamwork skills. 

More information about the series, and links to start a conversation on how to get involved with Project MFG, are here.

At Davalyn Corporation, our team of expert recruiters are dedicated to supporting the next generation of workers for our industry. Future and current manufacturers will benefit from workers’ skills and fresh approach. That will be vital to performance and growth. Lowering barriers of entry into the field means a better equipped workforce, and that means positive impact on your company’s bottom line. When you work with Davalyn, you work with the best. Find out more by contacting us today.

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