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To our partners, clients and candidates: 

We celebrated thirty years in business this past December. Over those years I thought I had seen it all—the economic crisis of 2008, September 11, numerous downturns in the economy—and then came COVID-19.

In a routine day or week, I speak to people all over North America. I am often asked what I see or hear in the marketplaces we serve. These days, I hear people wanting to get back to work. I hear great candidates caught in unfortunate circumstances looking for help to restart their careers. I hear senior management now planning for the reopening of their businesses and making plans to react to customer needs. 

Company presidents are telling me about how in this environment they are discovering better ways of doing business through cost reduction, upgrading their talent pool and optimizing their infrastructure. Now is the time to take action—to make moves that are smart, timely and decisive, to reap the full rewards of an era ripe with potential.

At Davalyn Corporation, we believe it is paramount that you know we are here to assist you in your staffing needs. We have learned during our 30-plus years of experience that opportunity comes in many forms. Where others might see uncertainty, we see possibilities. When competitors are scared and mired in inaction, we all need to be proactive in gathering our share of the market.

We understand that we are all in a difficult set of economic circumstances, but we are confident this is only temporary. The best managers are thinking about ways to be better going forward. Decisions they make now will have a lasting impact on their business.

We want to be here with you as a valued partner in this recovery, to assist your companies in finding the very best team members and leaders, to use your resources efficiently and successfully. We want to assist you as you consider your next career opportunity. Davalyn Corporation is using every resource to make sure you are in the best position possible to meet the upcoming opportunities in the third and fourth quarters. We see a bright economic year in 2021.

At Davalyn Corporation, our actions are informed by experience and we have the ability to recover from just about anything. We have the best professionals in our field—experts in their industries—fully capable of beginning the process of recovery and repositioning necessary for this period of economic growth. We will continue to find talent who is driven by your missions to make great contributions in your industries.

This is a time when good companies will become great companies, a time to staff your company with passionate, creative and technically superior people, a time when deliberate action is needed. Our continued collaboration will be the cornerstone of any substantial progress we make.

Nothing is beyond us if we work together.

Please reach out to us here at Davalyn and let us know your future plans.

We are excited to hear from you.



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