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Jun 23, 2021

Letter to Our Clients and Candidates During a Period of Regrowth

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To our valued clients and essential contributors:

I write to you feeling hopeful, excited and ready to build and rebuild the teams that cutting tool and machine tools companies will need in the coming months and years to meet, what I believe, will be an extraordinary demand. 

2020 was a year of disruption, an era of uncertainty where all of us were touched professionally and personally by the threat of global economic catastrophe. The cutting and machine tools market saw its greatest contraction since the Great Recession, production and consumption seeing reductions around the globe; but, midway through 2021, we stand on the edge of a new era of prosperity and expansion. 

Moving Forward

As we clear the conditions that limited our businesses and growth during the pandemic, all I can see now is opportunity. 2021 has already begun to be a year of rebalancing, as the supply chain stabilizes and metal usage has seen an increase in certain sectors due to its availability and affordability. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the rise of industrial digitization and automation, will continue to control a majority of the market share, and that expanding force will, in turn, drive cutting tool and machine tool consumption. As we experienced a lull in production due to COVID-19, so will we experience the upswing brought about by current and expected investments from private and public players across the planet, shoring up and expanding their interests in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction and metal industries. 

A Time to Grow

As global economies experience this projected record revitalization, the demand for innovative cutting tool and machine tool talent will be at levels that will provide candidates with significant career growth opportunities. As the market is expected to record a GDP near 3.5 percent, today’s leading companies and tomorrow’s expected competitors will need leaders who can fully capitalize on growth opportunities now and in the near future.

Our clients should also look at this as an opportunity to strengthen your position and increase market share by taking full advantage of this metaphorical talent gold rush by, one, reflecting on your best practices and company culture to determine what your organization is doing well and where improvements can be made, and, two, using a recruiter who has a complete, personal and data-driven understanding of the cutting tool and machine tools industry to find those talented professionals who will enable you to reach your goals during this exciting time. 

We have weathered these challenges before and we have turned turmoil into success during recessions and other periods of uncertainty. I and all the recruitment professionals at Davalyn Corporation will take our decades of talent management and consulting experience and put our detailed and intimate understanding of this industry to task in order to reach what we believe will be a brilliant and profitable future. 

We thank the clients and candidates we represent for their support, collaboration and for the opportunity to serve. 


Rick Sinay

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