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As the average spectator watches the continual decline in unemployment, they may be encouraged by the economic outlook. What they miss is the roadblock this creates for many job creators to fulfill their staffing needs and continue to produce at a high level. This difficulty creates market stagnation, actually slowing economic growth. As the unemployment rate continues to sink, many industries seeking building materials talent are struggling to keep up with the rising demands associated with a strengthening economy. We’ll review a few of the ways the building products industry is affected by this shortage of qualified candidates and how to turn things in your favor and help you secure building materials talent.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

 The decline in unemployment naturally coincides with an increase in hiring. When companies began to hire the candidate pool was still fairly wide and deep. There were a number of qualified applicants who were motivated to find a career and these companies were happy to quickly staff themselves with high-quality talent. Naturally, as unemployment continued to decline, so did the availability of quality candidates. It is now much more difficult to find building materials talent, as most of the qualified jobseekers are now with companies.

Scouting the Minors

Once the major league talent seemed to have dried up, a rush to the minors ensued. Younger talent with less experience seemed to be the logical the response; however, an unsteady economy and a generation fresh off the damage of the housing crisis did not spawn a talent pool anxious to invest their future in the building products industry. What this related to was a crop of prospective building materials talent that was now becoming unavailable by taking opportunities in other industries.

Build Your Own Farm System

If you’re needing to grow your talent bench, the first place to look is within. Tap into the potential that’s already on the payroll. The days of unreciprocated loyalty are behind us and retaining top employees comes at a price. This is not to say that you should allow yourself to be held hostage by the threat of losing employees to rival companies, but rather present yourself to be a company that knows how to grow and develop talent. And reward that talent appropriately. As you move your own players up, you create room in the roles that require less skill and thus have a higher probability of being filled.

Recruit in the Majors

Sometimes you need a specialist and your current staffing doesn’t possess the necessary qualifications to help your company move forward. When you need high-quality candidates and don’t have time to develop a player, this is when a partner like Davalyn Corporation can provide you access to the best building materials talent in the game, talent that may not even be actively searching. Our decades of connections has allowed us to construct a proprietary database of the most qualified applicants, and our processes can deliver exceptional talent when you need it. With a partner like Davalyn, you can turn the game in your favor and find the building materials talent you need to stay ahead of the league.

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