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EV manufacturing will face growing pains. Are you prepared?

A white electric car. It does not use gasoline or petrol. A rechargeable vehicle. It is charging in front of the electric station to make a full charge. There are blue tones in the background. Skyscrapers and tall buildings indicate the city center. Green Electric Car Charging, eco-friendly vehicle

EV manufacturing is going to radically shift the needs of the supply chain and, with that, will present an assortment of hiring challenges within the present and emerging verticals. Established and disruptive organizations need an eclectic and experienced recruitment resource to fully capitalize on and prepare for a market that is currently unsaturated and primed for exponential occupation.

The increasingly complex fact is that EV manufacturers will be met with consumer demands that they have never had to address. Coupled with the freedom of form and design offered by the more flexible EV architecture—as compared to its petroleum-powered counterpart—the automotive industry is about to experience a boom that will require a significant diversification and deepening of its talent base. 

Decisions. Decisions. Harnessing superior EV architecture.

The combustion engine-powered vehicle’s design is fundamentally bound to the power train. EVs offer design engineers freedom and the opportunity to work outside these soon-to-be outdated design conventions. EV manufacturing will take on an all-new face defined by optimization and innovation. 

Manufacturers must find those design engineers that cannot only allow them to effectively and efficiently capture market share but who also match their vision of the EV’s future in regards to range, battery capacity, battery charging time, cost as well as more human-centered consumer expectations such as comfort and automation.

Expanding your strengths. Outsourcing the gaps. 

The design and development of efficient battery tech are literally at the core of the EV industry. EV manufacturing businesses must make the decision to invest in a complete understanding of their preferred battery technology and those showing real potential application, or rely on specialized suppliers to take on that leg of the production process. 

On one hand, developing or improving upon existing technology in a novel way is a massive undertaking that could pay off in the long run. It will require the sourcing of a host of engineers, researchers and other experts to break real ground. On the other, dealing with specialized distributors and suppliers can be its own complex endeavor—as made evident by the still recovering worldwide supply chain. 

EV manufacturing firms will need those marketing perspectives that see beyond the specific concerns that affected the automobile industry—partners that have a more complete and deeper reservoir of manufacturing experience. 

Speaking of the supply chain … There’s a whole new one for EV manufacturing.

Electric motors are less complex feats of engineering in comparison to their internal combustion counterparts. With far fewer parts and far fewer producers and distributors of those parts, managing this relatively young supply chain with much narrower margins for acquisition error will require the acquisition of supply chain professionals who specialize in this space and have been within the ecosystem since its infancy. 

EV manufacturing first, whether they be startups or established automotive institutions transitioning into the growing market, will need to secure these increasingly sought-after leaders and professionals capable of navigating an evolving supply chain while ensuring the growth of every other branch of their business. Partnering with an EV recruiter with the depth of manufacturing experience to find, access and secure these individuals is absolutely essential to reaching and exceeding your targeted goals.

At Davalyn Corporation, we understand and have met the challenges of emerging manufacturing markets head-on, allowing our client partners to focus on achieving an advantageous position within their chosen markets. 

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