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Cutting Tool Tech: Meeting Hiring Challenges in the Digital Era

Back View of Industrial Engineer Working on Desktop Computer in Bright Office. Screens Show IDE / CAD Software, Implementation of Machine Learning, Neural Networking and Cloud Computing

Cutting tool tech, just like almost every other area of manufacturing, has experienced a shortage of qualified individuals to fill these skilled specialty and leadership roles. Hundreds of thousands of jobs remain vacant even while the average salary for the manufacturing industry is just over 82000 dollars. Even while unemployment is low, these positions could advance their professional and personal lives by engaging the manufacturing industry. So why, with the promise of above-average pay, excellent compensation and benefits are these rolls not being scooped up by the population?


There is an unfortunate stereotype that hangs over the manufacturing industry. Some associate manufacturing with dirty, poorly maintained and even dangerous factory environments, incorrectly so. Today we are more interconnected than ever before in human history and the lure of that technology produced by companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech giants seems to outshine innovations in areas like cutting tool technology. If we were to accurately look at the tech currently present in manufacturing through an accurate lens, companies could tap into a generation that might not have ever considered it as a viable option.

The reality is that manufacturing and the latest innovative and specialized technologies go hand in hand. Now, some see innovation and hear automation, fearful that more and more jobs will be overtaken by our robotic counterparts. However, these new and emerging technologies, while performing the more traditional repetitive tasks, open up many other career opportunities within the industry.

Reimagining Spaces in Cutting Tool Tech

Examining even specialized fields like cutting tool tech, and its effects on the industry, what can we do to bring the very best people to these positions that keep manufacturing vital and growing? We must think about how the work will change and what talent will be best suited for developing and future environments. 

Industry leaders must rethink the way physical manufacturing and workspaces are designed, adjusting work architecture for these emerging roles. Largely routine and repetitive tasks will become less and less human labor reliant. Building spaces that are attractive to today and tomorrow’s industry impact players is crucial to obtaining their talent.

Exclusively Human

The increased use of automation makes more space available for the utilization of soft skills mechanization can not account for. Soft skills like critical thinking, creative thinking and the management of human capital will take on even greater roles and offer new opportunities for those who might not have thought of areas like aviation, automotive, robotics or cutting tools tech as rewarding options for their particular talent focuses. 

Defining Partnership

Partnering with a recruiter or staffing firm is one way to meet the challenges of finding those qualified to work within and lead the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry. We have built networks to find those skilled and talented candidates an HR department does not have the time or the resources to locate or properly evaluate. During a time when dedicated talent is in the highest demand and quality is seemingly in short supply. Our Carefully constructed networks evolve with developing economic models to stay ahead of trends so the leaders you need will be available when you need them. We understand the specific skills a candidate will need to succeed and grow in areas like cutting tool technology. 

A bad hire’s cost can exceed $240,000 according to SHRM. Experienced recruiters can carry out a practiced executive search, locate that talent and place the right candidate in a time-to-hire that takes the pressure off an HR department and to focus their skills on the internal matters of the companies they service.

With Davalyn Corporation you can not only source the best working talent in cutting tool tech, but you can also make the right hire initially, saving precious resources and capital, putting you ahead of any competition.

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