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Celebrating 30 Years of Recruiting Excellence

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This year, we are celebrating 30 years of recruiting excellence at Davalyn. Our philosophy has been and always will be high achievement through an uncompromising work ethic. We work hard for our clients, our candidates and for ourselves. We take pride in the services and the talented people we provide our strong and growing clients. These industries have never been in better hands and—through the talent we place—it will stay that way.

We are committed to our industry partners in machine tool and metal fabrications; metals, alloys and composites; pharmaceuticals; consumer products; food, durables and consumer electronics—many of whom have already benefited from the tireless efforts and results we achieve on behalf of our clients. Their success is our success. I am reminded every day of the friendships good service can bring. Our team has given so much time and energy to ensure our company, and our clients, grow to their full potential. 

At Davalyn, we make promises every day. We promise to respect our clients. We promise to respect our candidates. And we promise to always over deliver on the projects we take on. We will never break these promises to you. That’s just not who we are. Since 1989, we’ve been built on the trust our clients have in us, in the expertise we can bring them, and the way we enhance their ability to make and distribute superior products. Our reputation is a tradition of success visible in the marks we have made globally, the lives we have changed and the standards we have set for others to follow in talent acquisition and placement.

When I look at all the people who make up this family, I am looking at the future and what I see fills me with confidence. As we continue on this journey together, our tested search methods will allow us to find and approach the best candidates with ever-increasing efficiency. We are not just walking into the future, we are running at it with our eyes open.

Through hard work and your continued support, I know we will be delivering the highest quality service for another 30 years. Always remember, it is the people who continue to make our company a success. Thank you for putting your trust in us for these past 30 years. We will strive every day to be worthy of the responsibility and respect you have given us. 

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