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Aug 24, 2018

Aluminum Tariffs Help Return Domestic Jobs


As the tariffs imposed by President Trump continue to influence global and domestic industry, the almost immediate local effects seem to be largely positive. With an estimated 19,000 jobs being created in the steel and aluminum industries as a direct effect of the tariffs, the subsequent economic impact is expected to be proportionally impressive. What is especially encouraging is that this number of jobs being added to these specific industries promises to grow the demand for talent at multiple levels.

While the macro view is altogether optimistic, placing the effects of the tariffs under a microscope brings an even more startling perspective that is both humanistic and objectively economically edifying. There is perhaps no better testament to the resounding domestic success of the tariffs than Ashland, Kentucky.

State-of-the-Art Aluminum Milling

A former coal and steel region, Boyd County now serves as a startling reminder of the economic depression suffered by much of rural America following the exodus countless jobs. Now, however, the promise of economic reinvigoration has come in the form of a $1.4 billion aluminum milling facility that is estimated to cover approximately 45 acres. The construction of this facility promises to create around 1,800 construction jobs, as well as 500 permanent positions upon completion.

Training and Compensation

The 500 permanent positions resulting in the plant’s construction are slated to do more than just consist primarily of a low-income and ill-trained workforce. The starting salary for these positions is expected to be somewhere around $65,000, which is over $20,000 higher than the median household income for the county. To meet the mill’s need for a properly educated workforce, the plant is teaming with the local community college to provide training and apprenticeships, allowing for a strong team and a strong community.

A Recognized Opportunity

If there was any doubt as to the source of opportunity for the mill, it was laid to rest by plant builders. They have openly expressed that is a product of Trump’s tariffs that has created the opportunity for the plant’s construction. And if Ashland, Kentucky, is any indicator of the nationwide aluminum industry, there is going to be a growing demand talent across the nation.

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