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Aug 24, 2018

Ag Equipment and the Future of AgTech


As with most industries today, the future of ag equipment is heavily influenced by its ability to adopt and adapt new and emerging technologies. As of 2015, the investment of technology in agricultural industries had reached over $4.5 billion; however, prediction models estimate that in order to meet increasing demands, agricultural technology investments need to increase by 60% by the year 2030. These models serve as a clear indicator that while the need for agricultural technologies is already paramount, that need will only grow exponentially over the next decade.

In regards to technology, there are numerous ways in which agtech is already transforming the landscape of the agricultural and ag equipment industries. The following technological innovations in agriculture have already exhibited promise and will likely continue to expand the way the ag equipment industry is approached.

Field Sensors

The implementation of field sensors is already proving to have enormous benefits for farmers. These sensors allow farmers to track the progress of their crops in real time. From nourishment needs to weather effects, these sensors can alert farmers of the status of their crops no matter how far they are from the field.

Equipment Sensors

Ag equipment is reaping the rewards of technological advancements at an unparalleled rate. Sensors in equipment have not only propelled the autopilot and navigational capabilities of equipment, but they have also given owners and operators of said equipment newfound control regarding the maintenance of their tools.

Drones and Robotics

Combined with field sensors, drones promise to increase the level of crop monitoring like never before, allowing farmers to access visual imaging of their crops at a much higher rate. Additionally, the incorporation of robotics is allowing those within the agricultural industries the means to increase productivity at a micro level.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Beyond the immediate ag technologies, the inclusion of technical data analysis is perhaps one of the most promising innovations. Trends and habits from the consumer end of the agricultural process can be extrapolated back to their origin, allowing those at the genesis of the process the ability to adjust and adapt methods in accordance with the constantly changing needs of consumers.

With the exciting and expanding opportunities for technology within the varying agricultural industries, there is a proportionate expansion of talent needs within the ag equipment industry. Davalyn Corporation is strategically positioned to assist ag equipment companies in seeking out and placing the most relevant talent and the most driven professionals across the industry. As technology becomes more cross-industrial, the benefit of recruiting professionals with vast experience across a number of industries is incalculable.

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