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Jan 29, 2021

2021 A letter from Rick Sinay and Davalyn Corporation

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To all our clients, our candidates and valued partners:

2020 was an opportunity for us all to do some hard thinking, to really consider how we could best prepare for 2021. It was a chance for us to learn about our industries and about what it really takes to succeed—and provide for our professional families during trying times and times of plenty. 

We learned that together we could not only survive a pandemic but thrive despite it. We learned our clients were resilient and, even when times got tough, they were courageous, investing in their companies and teams, preparing for tomorrow’s potential opportunities instead of giving in to all the negative pressure 2020 had to offer.

In the face of great adversity, you were brave, intelligent, and caring when making even the most difficult decisions, always keeping your people—your greatest and most important resource—in mind.

One of the many benefits I get from doing the work I do is talking to professionals throughout the country and world. I get to learn from them and gain valuable insights from their unique perspectives. This past year, when many experienced one form of career disruption or another, despite the negatives, I witnessed a wave of optimism I can only call inspirational. 

As team leaders and contributors, you have been invaluable to the continued success of your professional homes, supporting your company leaders and owners when hard calls had to be made. You have sacrificed and given more than anyone could have ever expected. 

To say I am impressed with both our employer partners and our candidates is a severe understatement.

At Davalyn Corporation, we feel privileged to make the connections in our service industries that assist clients and candidates alike, helping professional relationships grow; developing companies and careers capable of weathering any storm. 

Now, with our feet firmly planted in 2021, you may be asking, “Where do we go from here?” I believe we should move forward with optimism, taking the lessons of 2020 and applying them to a year full of potential positive growth.

I believe that if we work together—as we have this previous year—we can accomplish great things.

Thank you for your continued business and support,

Rick Sinay

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