Amanda McKim

Amanda McKim, Director of Internet Research, is celebrating 22 years of recruiting excellence with Davalyn Corporation.

Amanda heads Davalyn Corporation’s internet research division.

Long before Internet Job Boards became a standard in Human Resources, Amanda and her team have been utilizing the Internet to assist Davalyn with its recruiting needs. Amanda’s team successfully assists our entire staff with all of their recruiting and researching needs, both domestically and internationally. When traditional search methods fall short, our consultants turn to Amanda and her team. Amanda thrives on difficult searches, finding that the more complicated the assignment, the better she performs.

The Internet Research team has at their disposal an array of technological advantages that, when combined with Amanda’s own impressive computer and internet expertise, allow them to perform high-speed searches that produce excellent results. With Amanda’s assistance, Davalyn has managed to stay ahead of the game in the field of Electronic Recruiting.