RPO – Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

RPO – Recruitment Solutions from Davalyn Corporation

If your company has complex hiring needs, Davalyn Corporation can make the process a whole lot easier. Our custom recruiting solutions are flat-out effective against a range of large, complex hiring challenges.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) gives you a consistent well of talent for all of your hiring needs. We help your company quickly and efficiently recruit the top candidates for your open positions and provide a cost-effective approach to hiring. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art systems, you’ll gain access to the most qualified applicants from across the globe, even if they’re not actively looking for new opportunities.

Davalyn can help you get ahead of talent acquisition.

Recruitment Outsourcing

When it comes to recruiting high quality candidates, we offer you the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions and RPO services you need to tailor recruitment for your company. Every part of our RPO offering is designed around you. What makes Davalyn unique in the market is that we offer a complete recruitment solution that is designed to meet your needs—from sourcing strategies, technology and tailored implementation to geography, culture and scope.

Our solution toolbox includes full Recruitment Process Outsourcing, to recruit and source talent in a short timeframe, to schedule and prepare candidates for the interview and on-boarding process and to manage applicant volume and empower recruiters and managers to identify quality candidates.

We also leverage technology and implement sourcing techniques to explore multiple sourcing channels that uncover active, passive and hidden talent pools. We help you connect with candidates through the research, branding and marketing expertise.

And through our Global footprint and reach, we offer you solutions designed around you on a worldwide scale, providing a single source for your global hiring needs.

We’re experts in every piece of the recruitment journey. Where other companies focus on just one piece, we bring them all together to create the best picture for your company’s success.

The bottom line is we work to deliver a recruitment solution that’s designed around you.

We believe there are several critical components that any organization must consider when selecting an RPO provider. Your organization’s focus should be on the demonstrated capabilities of the RPO provider in these areas:

  • Recruitment Capabilities and Results
  • Cost Reduction
  • Strategic Partnership/Value-Added Services

Recruitment over Process

Our roots in retained executive search focuses our efforts in the relentless recruitment of top-tier talent in the marketplace. Our focus will upgrade an organization’s talent acquisition and is the very heart of any best-practice RPO provider. Davalyn provides the most value to the client and the candidate.

Cost Reduction

With economic conditions in the market today, companies understand that they are engaging RPO providers for purposes other than supplementing recruiting needs. Utilizing an RPO engagement in a volatile economic climate can keep your organization lean and efficient. RPO will be a cost efficient measure. Companies, who are looking for flexible recruitment solutions that scale up and down depending upon hiring spikes, should recognize that cost is important in terms of selecting a provider. An RPO provider should deliver savings, however a true RPO provider is an investment into the recruitment of quality hires. The real value of RPO will be determined by its ability to deliver on business strategy through full client partnership.

Strategic Relationship/Value-Added Services

Davalyn will be able to guide you through the process of building, identifying and selecting the best recruitment practices for the acquisition of diverse talent. We will develop customized solutions to meet long term goals by creating programs that differ with each engagement. Davalyn can help clients understand demographic changes in the work force, give competitive intelligence and develop the effectiveness of specific recruitment strategies.

Talent Acquisition can make one of the greatest impacts on the strategic capabilities of the organization. Recruitment Outsourcing solutions drive businesses to rapidly acquire high performing staff, optimize their workforce and reduce operational costs and risks, while benefiting from unparalleled recruitment expertise.

The advantages of an RPO engagement are many and Davalyn Corporation can fit into your culture and become a true partner to your organization.