Higher Education Opportunities for Cutting Tool Professionals

College students working with cutting tools

As covered in our article concerning talent shortages in STEM-related fields, the greatest long-term answer that has been proposed to this growing shortage is the incorporation of internships and other educational opportunities. Across the country, a few forward-thinking institutions of higher education are promoting careers in the cutting tools industry by creating opportunities for their students to gain an advantage over their peers. We’ve outlined three particular institutions that have blazed a quicker path to success for their students interested in a career in the cutting tools industry.


Texas State Technical College

The Tool and Die Technology program at Texas State Technical College offers students an opportunity that many similar programs fail to accomplish:  a bottom-to-top training within the discipline that equips many of its graduates with placements and job offers before graduation. With a job placement rate of nearly 95 percent, TSTC answers the rising demand for skilled machinists across the country. With companies in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as many others, in need of talented cutting tools professionals, a hands-on program like the one at Texas State Technical College offers an ideal opportunity for its graduates and the companies they ultimately serve.

Napa Valley College

While not all schools can boast job placement numbers like those of Texas State Technical College, many thriving programs are still finding ways to help their students succeed by connecting their most promising talent with valuable internships that offer the real promise of becoming great careers. For Napa student Liz McPherson, her accidental foray into the cutting tool industry allowed her to discover a passion for the profession. With the commitment of her teachers within the program, McPherson proved to be a competitive student, earning a much-coveted internship with a Shell Oil plant. The opportunities afforded by Napa Valley College have placed McPherson in a position to claim an incredible career with major economic force.


Clemson University

The automotive industry offers an enormous number of potential careers for candidates within the cutting tools industry. And there are few states more connected with a booming automotive industry than South Carolina. Clemson University is supremely aware of the opportunity this creates and has worked relentlessly to develop strong partnerships with South Carolina automotive manufacturers to provide on-the-job training for their students seeking a certificate in automotive engineering. As the state’s number of automotive jobs continues to grow, Clemson is preparing their students to be leaders in meeting the demand.


If TSTC, Napa Valley College and Clemson are any indication of the future of the cutting tool talent pool, companies and hiring managers interested in acquiring candidates of the highest caliber will need to partner with recruiting leaders who have proven and established experience with attracting and placing the industry’s most desirable talent. The cutting tool recruiters at Davalyn are committed to staying informed as to where the greatest talent opportunities exist and maximizing on those opportunities for their clients.

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